Future City Builders in Halifax launch Housing 30Lab 🏡 🌉

We've been positively overwhelmed by the interest this lab is generating locally, not only from our peers, but from senior professionals, media, public servants and entrepreneurs who want to help us succeed. Over the course of the lab, we will be inviting subject matter experts to speak with our group and to mentor us as we develop 5 or 6 different concepts to address housing locally.

Thirty Haligonians under 30 teaming up to develop housing solutions.

HALIFAX—Over the next few months, a group of 30 Haligonians under the age of 30 is going to tackle one of the city’s most pressing issues. The Future City Builders program is a collaboration between Evergreen, a non-profit environmental conservation organization, and YouthfulCities, the international organization that puts together the annual YouthfulCities index.

Future City Builders: Halifax

Future City Builders will engage with 30 youth (18-29 years old) in Halifax to develop work ready skills while improving their city. Our 30Lab will focus on addressing challenges and opportunities around Housing. We will work with city experts to build accessible, healthy, and livable communities for all. After a series of workshops, participants will launch their innovative ideas at a public event, where they will have the opportunity to secure seed funding to bring projects to life within their communities. Projects around access to community transit and food, inclusionary zoning for social housing, homelessness and financing are all themes our lab can explore.