Our Vision

We envision a world where youth are involved in the ideation, planning, and execution of projects with partners, stakeholders, and communities — because youth are essential to building stronger communities, social structures, emerging markets and a skills economy.

Our Mission

HFX Collective aims to foster Collective Impact, Youth Engagement, and Sustainable Development.

Our Partners

We develop projects with trusted local partners and the collective community.


Alfred Burgesson



Reg Manzer


Joyce Liu

Planning & Design


How We Work.

We develop projects with our trusted partners and the collective community.


Participatory Engagement

We find and create spaces for youth to impact the current state of the city, including what our priorities and goals are, and the opportunities they might have to get engaged or to get employed.


Social & Digital Media

Our youth use social media to connect audiences in positive, informative and inspiring ways. What demographics do you want to reach? What do you want to share? Where do you want to share it?


Complex Problem Solving

We focus on organizational and leadership development. Our presence results in transformative shift over time – and it produces results and ideas that are surprising, emergent and co-owned by the community.