Why HFX Collective?

We envision a community where citizens are involved in the ideation, planning, and execution of projects with partners, stakeholders, and governments — because active citizens are essential to building stronger communities and social structures.

Our mission is to provide economic and social opportunities for organizations and talents to co-create projects together in community.

About HFX Collective

HFX Collective Inc., is a community of organizations and talents who are committed to adopting collaborative processes, and developing shared opportunities for impact; the collective generates social benefits and revenues through the sales of goods and services.

As a social enterprise, HFX Collective re-invests profits into community, social and creative initiatives that develop emerging talent, foster collaboration and connection within the collective community.

Together we develop creative, social and community initiatives with leaders and emerging creative talents. Our workshops, events, and digital works are valuable to our community by supporting members with an opportunity to co-create projects together.


Leadership: giving others a chance to succeed.

Collaboration: to work, one with another.

Networks: to cultivate people.

Hubs: places for people.

Impact: measure of tangible and intangible effects.

Sustainability: the ability to create opportunities for prosperity.

Respect: positive feeling or action shown towards others.